Welcome to the Member section of KKN

A few information's how to register as Member;

All Members needs to create an account , even for Kids an account must be created on their own name.

Please do not use an email adress as login/username, this might cause conflicts for slotbooking.

For adults only the parts basic informations, additional information and confirm value ( Captcha ) are mandatory.

For Kids and Minors all the parts needs to be filled. For Kids without own mail address, the parents email can be used in the basic part.

For training registration select if your Kid was in training last year and the corresponding Timeslot.

For waiting list chose if you have a time/language preference and select the slots witch fits you most if needed.

The fields e-mail and secondary e-mail are used by us for information on training, excursions, club informations ...

The e-mail fields in the children's section are designed as a contact for our trainers and are not used for informal mailings.

After registration your membership will be confirmed by email

Kids on the waiting list are getting contacted as soon as a slot is available.

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